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Broadband Stakeholders in Arizona

Community leaders,
broadband developers,
and the public

They are comming together; to secure a better future for Arizona

The time is now; our economy has taken a beating, and the opportunity has never been greater.

With Federal funding in place, the Digital Arizona Program is working hard to consolidate the forces that together can enable Broadband to propel Arizona's economy into a brighter future and make Arizona a national model.

Toward that objective, the Digital Arizona Council has been established to listen to the needs of the divergent parties, suggest solutions and thereby facilitate progress and in time, gain the authority and status necessary to affect public policy.

The Council relies on over 20 years of research and knowledge laid down by the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology Office of ADOA, (formally known as GITA.)

This work has led to the development of the Arizona Broadband Map, and is helping to create a specialized Arizona Internet Speed Test, which will add important data concerning actual services delivered, versus what's advertised.

Our effort is designed to involve a broad spectrum of interested parties, from both within the industry, and outside, so all will benefit.

Who are the movers and shakers in our communities who will turn this vitally needed opportunity into a reality for all of Arizona?

Key stakeholders include:

  • School systems and life long learners who benefit from e-Learning concepts to improve educational outcomes and reduce costs, need access to distance education and certification, curriculum resources, and professional communications.
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  • Businesses that are Internet-dependent (major retail, ecommerce, software development, web design etc.) and Web entrepreneurs, have a critical need for high speed real-time connections to their clients, suppliers, and partners, for generating income for themselves and economic development for their community.
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  • Healthcare providers that need to reduce the cost of patient services, do research, communicate with specialists, and obtain services unavailable locally.
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  • Government that need to stay in touch with county, regional, state and national agencies, to increase transparency, facilitate democracy, improve the economy, improve public safety, and lead the nation in innovative use of Broadband technology.
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  • Arizona communities whose citizens want to stay in touch with friends and family, and enjoy improved quality of life.
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Potentialtechnical partners include:

  • Wireless Internet companies providing mobile cellphone-based and non-mobile (fixed) Broadband access through the air

  • Local phone companies providing Broadband access over their existing copper telephone wires

  • Cable TV companies providing Broadband access over coaxial television delivery systems

  • Satellite TV companies providing Broadband access through the air from satellites

Other potential partners are:

  • Hardware manufacturers who develop a variety of solutions for reaching the “last mile” for providing Broadband connections to individual homes and businesses.

  • System engineers/integrators who put Broadband network systems together and maintain them.

AZ Broadband Development Council
The Digital Arizona Council provides a place for all interested parties to meet, collaborate, and participate in the process.


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Our Mission:

To promote and facilitate broadband access through public-private cooperation – to provide all Arizona citizens and businesses the means to utilize high volume digital information and services at a reasonable cost – to create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for every person, organization, and community throughout Arizona.

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