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The "Two Highways" Proposition

Combined infrastructure projects save both
time and money

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The U.S. Congress is putting forward a simple, yet cost effective legislative proposal aimed at stimulating Broadband. This is a plan that would greatly benefit Arizona in its development of Broadband.

What's it all about?

Although "middle-mile fiber" can be strung along utility poles, it's much more practical to encase it in conduit and bury it in trenches in the ground. This is often done along existing rights-of-ways for roads, canals, railroads, and other existing utilities, when those rights-of way are available.

During the never ending process of constructing, and repairing roads and highways in Arizona, the ground must be dug up and prepared for installation of the new road surface.

At that time, it's relatively easy, and very cost effective for additional minor trenching to be done, to accommodate the installation of fiber-optic conduit that is used to transport Broadband.

two highways
Do You Know? The cost of laying fiber, while utility or road construction
work is going on, is comparable to putting the paint stripes on the road!

Clearing the way

Another big factor involved in the laying of cables, is considering what might be discovered underground, such as archaeological ruins, where the Broadband cables need to go.

There are other things that can be dug up during the installation process including; water and sewer pipes, other cables; any of which can stop a project cold. And in fact, in much of Arizona, especially cities like Phoenix, the problem of dealing with ancient archaeological ruins is a very common occurrence.

During the design phase of building a road, all of these issues must be taken into account. If the permitting processes allowed for it, the installation of fiber conduit could essentially get a free ride during the road's construction or repair process; because these problems would have already been dealt with by the road contractor.

Right-of-way issues

Laying fiber along rural highways, to bring "middle-mile" Broadband capacity to remote communities throughout Arizona and sharing that capacity among "last-mile" providers would make it much more economically attractive for them to serve or to expand services in these remote communities.

However, current land use statutes, policies, rules, and laws at all levels of government, largely restrict taking full advantage of this "Two Highways For The Cost Of One" proposition.

Very high-capacity fiber-optic cables are required to connect each community back to the global Internet at Broadband speeds. These connections into communities are often referred to as "middle mile" connections.

They supply the large capacity needed within each community for re-distribution by "last mile" Broadband Internet providers to individual homes and businesses. In some circumstances, high capacity microwave radio technology can be used, instead of fiber, for "middle-mile" service.

The Digital Arizona Program will coordinate efforts among all stakeholders to promote ways these barriers to low-cost rural "middle-mile" capacity can be lessened or removed.

The Broadband Conduit Deployment Act of 2011
(H.R. 1695)

This bill is working its way through Congress right now!

If it passes, it would direct the Secretary of Transportation to require that Broadband conduit be installed as part of certain highway construction projects, which would be a huge win for Broadband and for the
Arizona economy

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Current Status of H.R. 1695:

This bill was assigned to a congressional committee on May 3, 2011, which will consider it before possibly sending it to the House or Senate as a whole.


two highways
The Digital Arizona Program heralds the U.S. Congress' Bill
H.R. 1695, deeming it "Two Highways For the Cost of One!"

Passage would be
a huge win for Broadband and for Arizona's economy!!


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To promote and facilitate broadband access through public-private cooperation – to provide all Arizona citizens and businesses the means to utilize high volume digital information and services at a reasonable cost – to create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for every person, organization, and community throughout Arizona.

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