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e-business technology

Arizona businesses are utilizing Internet technologies to improve their productivity or profitability, and to run storefronts

The most common implementation of e-Business is as an additional, or in some cases primary, storefront. This function of e-business is referred to as e-Commerce, and the terms are occasionally used interchangeably.

By selling products and services online, businesses are able to reach potential customers worldwide, thus enjoying a much wider consumer base than any traditional brick-and-mortar store could ever hope for.

An e-Business may also use the Internet to acquire wholesale products or supplies for in-house production, which can cut their costs dramatically. Even businesses without an electronic storefront now use the Internet as a way to better track and manage their purchasing.

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e-Business is a term often used in conjunction with     e-Commerce. However, in addition to the sale of goods, the term includes service providers as well as the administration of business via the Internet.

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Our Mission:

To promote and facilitate broadband access through public-private cooperation – to provide all Arizona citizens and businesses the means to utilize high volume digital information and services at a reasonable cost – to create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for every person, organization, and community throughout Arizona.

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