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New solutions, that in the past would have been unthinkable


Innovative e-government solutions are facilitating democracy, and serving Arizona citizens much more quickly, at a much lower cost...


Broadband in Arizona is helping the public sector redefine itself.

In the Information Age, the development of e-government services ranging from online forms, public health and safety information to the renewal of driver's licenses means heightened efficiency, reduced costs, and greater convenience, better accessibility of public services, more transparency and accountability - and the list goes on...


e-Government helps simplify processes, making government information more easily accessible (and transparent.)

VIDEO: How do we make things better without spending more money?
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Our Mission:

To promote and facilitate broadband access through public-private cooperation – to provide all Arizona citizens and businesses the means to utilize high volume digital information and services at a reasonable cost – to create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for every person, organization, and community throughout Arizona.

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