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A brilliant way to use 
technology in education

The Khan Academy is on a mission to educate... (wait for it...) THE WORLD!

What began as a guy just making a few algebra videos for his cousins, has now grown into the Khan Academy, with over 2,100 videos and a world of self-paced exercises and assessments, covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.

Thanks to recent funding they have also begun building the software and tools they think teachers and students really need.

When asked, what's so different about their approach they say, they're leveraging the computer for what it does best, and leveraging the teachers for what they do best.

Explaining they say, "We are ensuring students can truly work at their own pace on their own time. We are making sure students actually master concepts before they move on. We are empowering teachers with the real-time data they so badly need. We are allowing teachers to make much better use of classroom time, with more peer tutoring, project-based learning, and one-on-one coaching."

Finally they say, "Most importantly, we are making learning fun."

Khan Academy

VIDEO: Founder of Khan Academy talking at TED 2011

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Our Mission:

To promote and facilitate broadband access through public-private cooperation – to provide all Arizona citizens and businesses the means to utilize high volume digital information and services at a reasonable cost – to create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for every person, organization, and community throughout Arizona.

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